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How to get magic mushrooms in Australia

I researched magic mushrooms for over 5 year, reading books, academic papers and media articles, watching TED Talks and You Tube presentations. But in all that time I couldn’t figure out how to obtain shrooms from within Australia.
Unfortunately it seems from lots of feedback I have received even since publishing this site, it has now become even harder. So here’s my updated version how you can easily buy magic mushrooms in Australia


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There are around a dozen varieties of magic mushrooms in Australia. That contain psilocybin which grow in the wild around. When and where you can find them will depend on the climate, season and the weather conditions. The moment you pick a magic mushroom in Australia you have broken the law.
The problem here is knowing which mushrooms contain psilocybin. How to buy them discreet and safe. and which ones are poisonous varieties which can often grow side-by-side. There are forums and on magicmushroomaustralia.site . Where you can upload photos of your harvest. And receive the enthusiastic help offered by a dedicated community of people in the know. But I must confess I could never find the blessed things. Even when searching in locations suggested by those communities at the appropriate times of the year. Must of the time I use to buy mushroom chocolate bars but online. or microdose mushrooms
The lack of continuous supply is the real problem here. I find I need to take a large dose every three months to stay well and shrooms only grow in the wild at certain times of the year.
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